The end of an era, but beginning of a new chapter: The ISF is announcing major changes to our leadership.

For the past decade, ISF President, Phil Grice and ISF Vice President, Terry Price have been devoting their time to creating and structuring the sport of competitive scootering at the global level. Because of their efforts, we have been privileged to have grown from an association to an officially registered sports federation, and the only federation dedicated solely to competitive scootering. In addition, under their leadership, we have held nine successful WORLD SCOOTER CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Now, on the eve of our 10th Anniversary event, and the first World’s held outside of Europe, they have both made the tough, but selfless decision to step aside and allow fresh leadership take the reigns and usher in the next chapter for our sport. Phil Grice will, however, stay on in an advisory capacity during the transition and until the Congress meets in October to elect a new President & Vice President.

We cannot thank both Phil & Terry enough for all they have done for the sport over the years, we truly would not be where we are today without them stepping up to put their arms around the sport all those years ago. The fact that the ISF is now the one and only scooter specific international governing body, speaks volumes to their passion and dedication, and is their legacy. We hope everyone will reach out to thank them personally for all they have done to make competitive scootering what it has become today: One of the most exciting action sports on the planet! Thank you Phil, thank you Terry! We hope to continue what you started, and take this sport all the way to the Olympics!

On this same note, we are now pleased to announce the new International Scooter Federation Board & Planning Committee Members, all of whom will play key roles to ensure the ISF legacy continues and our sport continues the exponential growth it is currently experiencing:

ISF Executive Board

Darren Hughes
Sam Deeder
Per Troen
Iain Robson
Nicola Noth
Stephanie Jensen
Advisor: Phil Grice

World’s Planning Committee

Sam Deeder, USA
Katie Cachet, USA
Kim Combs, USA
Beca Ortiz, USA
Kiara Meade, USA
Kaz Seddon, ASA
Kaz McDowell, ASA
Darren Hughes, ASA
Inge Hanson, Rullesport Danmark
Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen, Rullesport Danmark
Advisor: Phil Grice

For more information on the World Scooter Championships, please contact: Sam Deeder, ISF Events Director & US Regional Director. Further details – www.worldscooterchampionships.com

The ISF Board Members & Planning Committee