Charlotte Worthington: Scooter Rider to BMX Olympic Gold Medallist

If anyone needed proof that scooter riding provides solid foundations for young athletes to enter sport and progress onto big things, well, here is another prime example. Not only has scooter riding played a major part in the astonishing career of action sports superstar, Ryan Williams, a 3 times X-Games BMX World Champion. We now witness the incredible achievement of former scooter rider, Charlotte Worthington, an Olympic gold medallist in BMX.

From Riding a Scooter and Developing Skills

In her teens, Charlotte Worthington was a keen and talented scooter rider. Learning many tricks and developing her skills to a high level.

She became a pro rider and one of the first female scooter riders to participate in championship competitions. She was beating many of the top male pro riders, back in a time when male and female riders used to compete together.

Charlotte was making a name for herself and advocating scooter riding on a worldwide scale, in particular for female riders.

After riding a scooter for many years and loving the skatepark culture, Charlotte switched to BMX.

Charlotte Worthington Scooter Rider to BMX Olympic Gold Medallist

To Olympic Gold in BMX

Going from scooter riding to BMX is quite a common transition due to both sports requiring ramps and the tricks being similar. Charlotte quickly showed she was a natural talent and had a promising future.

Additionally, her passion, dedication and hard work ensured she was recognised by the Great Britain Cycling Team. She became part of the Freestyle BMX Park riding program. In her first year, she won the British and European titles.

She then went on to secure bronze at the UCI World BMX Championships.

Today, Charlotte Worthington is the first-ever female Olympic Games Freestyle BMX gold medallist. An incredible achievement and amazing accomplishment that will inspire generations to come.

Charlotte Worthington: Scooter Rider to BMX Olympic Gold Medallist

Scooter riding is a gateway for millions of young people into sport

Once upon a time scooter riding was not considered a sport and many didn’t even know it existed. However, as the sport has matured and grown in popularity, it has become more and more apparent that scooter riding is playing a significant role in the development of young athletes.

The most important part of the scooter evolution has been the huge rise in young people getting involved in sport through scooter riding. The positive impact this has on the lives of millions of young people across the world is undeniable.

Scooter riding will continue to get more young people active and involved in sport, and no doubt the world will see more world-class athletes like Ryan Williams and Charlotte Worthington.

Scooter riding in the Olympics

20 years ago it would have been crazy to think that scooter riding would be considered a sport. Let alone be in the Olympics! However, the sport has grown and developed at an incredible rate. Riders are pushing the limits and are serious athletes. Furthermore, the International Scooter Federation (international governing body for scooters), remains committed to uniting the scooter community and legitimize scooter riding as an official sport.

The next step is getting scooter riders into the Olympic Games.

Congratulations Charlotte on your amazing achievement. On behalf of the International Scooter Association, we wish you all the best for the future and are all so proud.