The ISF has committed to developing its own environment and sustainability projects. Untilizing our international platform and network, the scooter community can make a significant contribution to combating global climate change.


  • Integrate sustainability into strategic elements of scooter sport and mobility.
  • Provide guidance and education throughout the scooter community.
  • Support relevant programmes, projects and initiatives that promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Unite the scooter industry, and work with organisations and authorities that can support the ISF’s sustainability objectives.
ISA President - Phil Grice - Environment

ISF President Phil Grice:

“Sustainability matters more than ever and the scooter industry can play an important role in protecting our planet and reducing our carbon footprint. We need to act responsibly. Therefore, the ISF has endorsed sustainability as a key objective of the ISF for both the scooter sport and mobility. The ISF is perfectly set up to work with the scooter industry and community, as well as with organisations and authorities to help promote sustainability and ensure a cleaner planet for all”.

ISA President - Phil Grice - Environment

ISF Vice-President Terry Price:

“Promoting the use of scooters for transportation and/or stunt use is a great thing for a clean environment. With zero carbon emissions we can feel safe knowing that we are promoting a sport that will benefit our planet, for the future generations. We will strive to make a difference in the transportation sector, getting more kids riding to school and getting more adults riding to work, so we can reduce our carbon footprint and have fun doing it