The ISF is committed to taking a leading role in promoting equality in sport and mobility for scooters. The association will ensure that there are no barriers to participation or involvement in the running of sport or ISF. Furthermore, the ISF is committed to supporting those that are disadvantaged in accessing the sport and will provide support and guidance to help ensure everyone can benefit from the positive values scooter riding provides. The ISF will take a proactive approach in achieving equality, working with the scooter industry, community, organizations and partners to help meet our objectives.


  • Integrate equality into all strategic elements of scooter sport and mobility.
  • Support the development of a fair, impartial and ethical international sporting system.
  • Increase participation in scooter riding ensuring accessibility regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality or background.
  • Eliminate individual and institutional discrimination
  • Create and support relevant programmes, projects and initiatives that promotes equality.
  • Unite the scooter industry, and work with organisations and authorities that can support the ISF’s equality objectives. The ISF will meet and aim to exceed the needs of international authorities and sporting governing bodies.
  • Ensure equality is a core objective in the development of the sport and ISF policies, initiatives and services.