International Scooter Federation


What we’ve built and what’s ahead.

When we established the International Scooter Association 10 years ago, we could only dream of the incredible growth that has made this supreme sport so special and what it is today. Since the beginning, we’ve been focusing on making ISF the Global Governing Body where all riders and partners build a world community representing and regulating the scooter sport for scooter riders only, as well as ensuring recognition of the sport in its own right.

We proudly present our first event as the International Scooter Federation in corporation with Urban Street Zone, Brande, Denmark; The European Qualier / European Championships. Followed by the North American Scooter Championships hosted at Premises Park, USA. All details are available on

We would not be where we are today without the support of the entire scooter community and the world is now noticing what an amazing sport we have built together and want to join in.

ISF Thank you all for your support the first amazing 10 years and we cannot wait for the next 10.

Join us for a cascade of scooter skills where the best riders of this sport will showcase skills and where the next generations of riders already are chasing their dreams.

On behalf of the International Scooter Federation

Phil Grice

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