Phil Grice – President

Phil Grice first discovered scooter riding in 2009 through his involvement within the action sports industry. It wasn’t long before he was known within the sport having shown an enthusiasm towards helping scooters.

Consequently in 2011, Phil Grice took the opportunity of setting up the International Scooter Association (ISA) and started a mission to legitimise the sport. Furthermore, by uniting the industry and coordinating an international platform of competitions to international standards, Phil created the ISA championships, and first ever World Scooter Championship in 2012. Since then Phil Grice has been constantly promoting scooters, creating opportunities and developing the sport. He has worked with hundreds of businesses and riders to oversee multiple world scooter championships and projects to legitimise scooter riding.

After 10 years of commitment to the sport, Phil has transitioned the ISA into the International Scooter Federation (ISF) – The dream is to get scooters into the Olympics Games and to become officially recognised as a sport.

“My role is to simply provide riders with a platform to help them develop their skills and showcase their sport to millions of people worldwide. This ensures the image of the sport comes from the riders and the increased participation comes from the riders. It is organic” Phil Grice

POSITION: President

Phil is the President of the International Scooter Federation and oversees all aspects of the ISF.  See the ISF structure here


Born: 1981
Nationality: English
Interests: Motor racing, MMA, Surfing and Football. Scooters. Loves travelling.
Quote: Hard work provides opportunity
Best moment in the sport: Listening to the noise from the crowd at the ISA world scooter finals, Deeside 2012. That was a special moment where I realised how important this was for the sport and that I’d help create something big.
Ambition for scooters:  To get scooter riding officially recognised as a sport and for millions of young people to benefit from the positive values scooter riding has on peoples lifes.

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phil grice president
phil grice president
phil grice president
Scooter president