Terry Price – Vice President

Terry Price lives in the UK and has been involved in scooter riding since 1999. An internationally recognised rider and OG of the sport. Terry continues to ride but no longer competes in competitions. In the past his involvement as a professional was mainly as a General Manager/Team Manager for Madd Gear. However, in more recent times Terry has become self-employed and started to pursue his own business projects such as YOLOWARRIOR®, working with the ISA and coaching.

Before Terry became an ISA board member in 2016 he played a part in helping the ISA develop the judging criteria and park competition standards. In fact, as a rider representative Terry was in the original industry meeting in Switzerland (2011). This meeting was where the scooter industry decided that the sport needed a governing body and it was where the current ISA president Phil Grice was given the mandate to set up the ISA.

Since officially becoming a board member his role has been to coordinate the championship competitions, work with the riders and communicate to the scooter community.

Terry Price Vice President
Terry Price
Terry Price

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