ISA becomes the ISF (International Scooter Federation)

On the 10th year anniversary of the International Scooter Association (ISA), the sports dedicated international scooter governing body is thrilled to announce that today, Thursday 5th August 2021, the association has become the International Scooter Federation. The company offices are registered in Zurich, Switzerland.

The association has completed its formal legal statutes to become compliant with the requirements of federation status. These constitutions embodies provisions designed to enhance good governance within ISF, and to promote its transparency and accountability.

For over 20 years the sport has been developing at an incredible rate and today scooter riding is undeniably one of the most popular urban sports for young people worldwide. Therefore, it was essential that the ISA evolved in order to promote, develop and provide scooter riding with stability for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, in light of the IOC recognising urban and youth sports into the Olympic Games, and scooter riding being a significant gateway for millions of young people into sport, now is the time to unite and push the sport to reach its potential. Therefore, the ISF will pursue and meet the requirements of the Olympic Charter, campaigning for consideration and potential inclusion into the Olympic Games.

As a result of the sports spectacular growth, the scooter industry has seen an influx of interest from those outside of the industry keen to play a role. This is hugely exciting for riders and businesses, and provides multiple opportunities ahead. Subsequently, it is an important time to ensure the scooter industry has a dedicated and capable international governing body and infrastructure, to coordinate and maximise opportunities for the interests of the sport and scooter riders.

The ISF would like to thank all its members for the support and investment over the past 10 years. To thank the riders for their dedication and commitment in pushing their sport to new levels year on year. To thank all those that supported riders week in and week out, such as national associations, skateparks, event organisers, team managers, and parents. We have been in it together and the sport of scooter riding is heading to another level.

The ISF is now undertaking necessary changes to complete the transition and will be communicating further information in due course. Furthermore, details of the sports 9th world scooter championship will be announced soon, starting with the regional qualifiers and then an announcement for the world final planned for 4/5th Dec 2021.