ISA Outlines Key Plans and Objectives

Since 2011, the International Scooter Association has been supporting the development of scooter riding. An international governing body for scooter sport and a global advocate for scooter riding. To provide transparency and direction, the ISA has outlined key plans and objectives.


ISA Championships: The sports 9th official world scooter championships are happening. For 2021, the ISA has altered the qualification structure to have 3 regional opens (Oct) and a world championship final (3rd – 5th Dec). The championship builds upon previous years and further supports National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to ensure the official representation of as many nations as possible.  Events and details will be announced soon.

World Scooter Final: It is essential the world championships are hosted at different locations around the world. 2021 is the start of a new (post covid) campaign to further legitimize the sport and continue to support all riders worldwide. AND WE HAVE SOMETHING HUGE PLANNED!!!!

The ISA can confirm that for 2021, we are in final talks with a major city and partners to host the finals. The ISA world scooter championship will be a huge dedicated scooter event that sets the path for this next chapter of the sport. Further details will be provided ASAP, however, you can expect:

  • Bespoke scooter park: Dedicated scooter park designed by the riders for the riders
  • Trade and Demo zones: Dedicated zones to encourage new riders into the sport and for the industry to be involved
  • Scooter disciplines: The ISA is going to unite the sport and support all disciplines
  • Categories: Official championships for Junior, Pro Male and Pro Female
  • More countries and NGB’s: Changes to ensure more riders and countries are officially represented


Further to having an exciting world championship final with the support of a city, the event will provide an opportunity for the following:

  • ISA Congress meeting: an annual ISA meeting
  • Award Ceremony: an award ceremony celebrating 10 years of ISA
  • Seminars: international coaching and judging seminars
  • Scooter Tour: Pro rider tour of the city, supporting skateparks, attending schools and demos in public places. Press opportunities including TV coverage
  • Campaigns: Talks throughout the city promoting the positive values of scooter riding, including youth sports development and the benefits on mental health. Additionally, how the scooter industry can contribute to combating global issues such as climate change, equality and racism, all from a young age.

The ISA can confirm that another major city has expressed interest for the 2022 world scooter championships and this is being pursued. We would also like to see the world scooter championships head to the USA and Australia, and we will work closely with all NGB’s, committees, members, partners and of course the scooter community.


The ISA will be making some further big announcements, which are designed to unite the sport and industry and expand upon the last 10 years. These include:

Federation Status: Dedicated to protecting the interests of the scooter industry, sport and riders, the ISA is developing its constitutional provisions, which are designed to enhance good governance within the ISA, and to promote its transparency and accountability, so as to ensure compliance with the IOC and Olympic Charter.

Infrastructure: To build upon the ISA’s infrastructure to further improve unity, support, engagement and progression throughout the entire scooter and action sports industry. This includes developing the following areas.

  • Affiliated members: National Governing Bodies (NGBs)
  • Associated members: Industry members, partners, riders and the community
  • Committees: Rider, Technical, Ethics and Disciplinary committees to name a few

IOC and Olympic Games: To be considered by the IOC for inclusion into the 2028 Olympics Games. An official campaign backed by the NGBs, industry and community, with the ISA proceeding with official steps this year.

Over the coming days and weeks, the ISA will communicate in more detail. We look forward to building upon the last 10 years and supporting this new exciting chapter and the incredible evolution of scooter riding.