Following the transition from ISA to ISF in 2021, it has been essential for the ISF to identify challenges and prioritize where the federation and sports infrastructure must strengthen. We are pleased to announce we have accomplished that goal. The ISF has now restructured our leadership to include knowledgeable and talented individuals with diverse backgrounds from all over the world. All of whom are passionate about putting our sport in its rightful place, as one of the world’s most exciting action sports.

Over the past six months, the ISF and established National Governing Bodies have been working together to create a long-term strategy that builds upon our decade of leadership, to have the largest, quickest, and most desired impact on its future.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to share recent actions that have been implemented and agreed upon by the board and congress. The ISF can confirm the following:

  • The ISF has expanded its board with several specialist positions to add value to key areas of the sport. The following positions have been approved – regional board members, rider board members (male and female), an events director, business development director, strategic commercial advisor, legal director, head of administration and treasurer.
  • Elections will be held for the role of President at our annual congress, October 2022. The Congress will also vote on statute changes regarding term limits and elections.
  • The world scooter championship organizing committee has been strengthened with new members and fresh ideas. This team meets every week via zoom and are executing a clear strategy to ensure the success of this milestone event.
  • Our website and social accounts are updated and will be a main source of reliable information going forward.

Beginning today, this strengthening of the board and infrastructure will ensure improved communication, engagement, and inclusion of industry leaders and riders from around the world. This new level of global cooperation will take our sport to new heights and open more opportunities for riders of every level, in every nation.

The ISF would like to thank everyone for their continual support over the past decade, and we look forward to continuing this incredible journey together.

See you at the 10th Anniversary of the ISF World Scooter Championships, Oct. 13th – 16th!

For more information on the World Scooter Championships, please contact: Sam Deeder, ISF Events Director & US Regional Director. Further details –

The ISF Board Members & Planning Committee