The International Scooter Association identifies the need to bridge the gap between the millions of riders using scooters for mobility reasons and those doing it for sport. The ISA is focused on promoting the sport of scooter riding and increasing participation worldwide.

‘Micromobility’ means personal transportation using devices and vehicles weighing up to 350kg and whose power supply, if any, is gradually reduced and cut off at a given speed limit which is no higher than 45km/h. Micromobility includes the use of human-powered kick scooters and stunt scooters.

The association is committed to working alongside authorities, organizations and partners to promote scooter riding as a safe and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. There are millions of young people and adults using scooters every day. It is our mission to support the environment, reduce carbon emissions and get people active!




Sustainability matters more than ever and the scooter industry can play an important role in protecting our planet and reducing our carbon footprint. Therefore, the ISA has endorsed sustainability as a key objective of the ISA.