All riders are required to pay a rider registration fee in order to partisipate in the ISF Scooter Championships. This fee will entitle you to compete at the ISF regional finals and the official ISF world finals (should you qualify). 100% of the fee’s are invested into the championships and making the events awesome.

Please note that a skatepark gate entrance fee is required for spectators on the weekend


  • ISF Championship Registration

Pro (Male / Female)

  • ISF Championship Registration

JUNIOR – 16 and Under

Riders that don’t get paid to perform their sport on a daily basis or get paid to compete and don’t receive any prize money from competitions, are considered amateur riders. Being sponsored with rider equipment, safety gear, travel expenses or clothes does not mean that rider is a pro rider.

This category is for riders, sponsored or unsponsored, who are not quite at a pro level of riding, or have limited competition experience. Depending on the number of participants this category can be divided into smaller sub-categories based on age, or skill level – although this is not recommended as it can be difficult to determine before a competition.

The competition organizer may also decide to allow any intermediate rider placed in the top 3 with the opportunity to compete in the Pro level competition

Note: Any junior rider (male or female) who is 16 & under can register and compete in the ISF junior championships. A rider who have been pro in 2021 cannot drop back to amateur to participate in the junior category. Also, if you qualify for the World Championship Finals and you turn 17 on or before Dec 2nd, then you will not be able to compete in the junior category.

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Riders that get paid in money to perform their sport on a daily basis, get paid to compete, receive money to represent one or more brands or participate in competitions that include prize money. The Pro category is based on ability. No rider should be excluded just because they aren’t sponsored or paid.

There are no age restrictions, but parental consent may be required for those that don’t meet age restrictions, determined by the competition organizer. Any rider that has ridden in the Pro category can’t then ride in a lesser category at a later date in any ISF recognized comp. The rider will therefore remain a pro rider for the duration of the season.

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For 2021, the ISF is charging a registration fee for the championships in order to generate funds to invest into the events. All funds raised through rider registration are invested into the events and activity, which includes judging and staff, scoring software and equipment, prize money, trophies and more.


  • If the regional event is cancelled due to Covid restrictions or other, then you’ll be refunded.
  • ISF rules and regulations apply regarding competition standards and qualification.
  • You’ll not be able to sign up on the day to compete in the event competitons. The deadline is 48hrs prior to the event opening date/time or if maximum capacity is reached. Max numbers maybe reduced at short notice pending Covid restictions.
  • This registration is an International Scooter Federation registration and is seperate from any other NGB or national registration. To compete in the regionals and world championship finals, you’ll be required to sign up and make a payment. All funds are invested back into the events and championships.
  • This ISF registration fee does not grant you access into the skatepark. You will need to purchase entry on the door.
  • If you qualify for the world final you will not be required to pay an additional registration fee. If the world final is cancelled or postoned for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund. Only if the regional championship event you registered for is cancelled shall refunds be provided.