Scooter Rider Committee Development

The rider committee is among one of the most important groups within the ISF structure. The committee is made up of a diverse range of international riders who are tasked with providing input, voicing concerns and representing the needs of the riders. It is this group that helps guide the ISF.

To ensure that the committee has maximum impact, the ISF have committed to strengthening this committee by:

  • Ensuring equality and global representation by appointing a male and female rider from each National Governing Body (NGB) affiliated to the ISF
  • A male and female rider will be elected by the riders to join the ISF board
  • Regional and world scooter champions will be automatically added to the committee
  • Members of the ISF will be able to elect and introduce new riders
  • All scooter disciplines will be represented

It is with great pleasure that we have started strengthening this group by adding riders that have been selected by NGB’s. All new riders added to the rider committee will be listed on the website.