Confidence is an awesome thing and every single one of us has it, even if we don’t always show it or feel it. It is developed from a very young age and we continue to develop confidence throughout our lives. From being a kid to adulthood, your confidence and character is being developed by all the things you do in-between.

scooter championships builds confidence


This is a story about a young scooter rider who overcame his fears and became a champion within himself.

On the 2nd and 3rd October 2021, the ISF European Scooter Championships was hosted at the Urban Street Zone skatepark. Scooter riders from all over Europe flocked to the small town of Brande, Denmark, including junior and professional, male and female riders.

The venue was packed with young athletes enjoying being together, testing their skills, pushing the limits, having fun, making friends and creating lifelong memories. However, on the flip side of all sporting competitions lurks the anxiety, fear, worry and nerves too.

Regardless of who you are or how others may appear on the outside, we all feel these emotions. Consequently, how we manage these emotions and keep moving forward is what helps build and define who we are.

For some, the stresses can become overwhelming to the point where they may not enjoy the moment anymore. Additionally, they may feel like or decide to walk away from that situation. And that is OK. There is no right or wrong, and we can all relate to this at some point in our lives.

One of the greatest achievements however comes from facing those fears and overcoming those personal battles. It is not only very rewarding to achieve something that was considered scarey to do, it is extremely significant in helping develop life skills that builds confidence and the ability to overcome future challenges.

Scooter riding provides riders with the opportunitity to learn, to make positive decisions and mistakes too. Most significantly, this is happening from a very young age and is giving young people a head start in life. Junior scooter rider, Mini-Max, is a prime example of this!


Mini-Max is one of thousands of young scooter riders around the world making important life choices all the time. Learning to build confidence through participation and perseverance. As well as having lot’s of fun along the way.

Encouraged by his friends and inspired by the pro riders, his ambition is to become a pro rider. To perform at the ISF world scooter championships with a dream of becoming a world scooter champion one day.

Mini-Max attended the ISF European Scooter Championships to compete in the junior division. This division is the grassroots of the sport and is an important stepping stone to the pro division. A safe and fun environment to test skills against other similar aged scooter riders.

In the moments prior to the junior competition Mini-Max became overcome with nerves and fear, and no longer wanted to take part. He was at a crossroad of quitting or facing his fears.

After some encouraging words from his mother and the ISF team, Mini-Max decided to take part in the competition. We set him a challenge to go out there, compete and then come back to tell us how he felt afterwards. We guaranteed him that the feeling he will have afterwards would far outweigh the nerves he was feeling at the time.

Mini-Max came 20th in the competition. However, where he placed in the competition didn’t matter! What he did that day was to break the emotional barriers and show strength and courage. He proved to himself that he could overcome his fears and the feeling afterwards was most rewarding. He was so happy to have competed and was already thinking about the things he could do in his next competition. Mini-Max became a true champion to himself, and this is something he’ll carry with him throughout his life.


Millions of young people around the world can benefit and do benefit from scooter riding. Learning new skills, building confidence, making positive decisions, helping others, creating friendships and having fun are just some of the awesome benefits of riding a scooter.

It may seem trivial to some but it is certainly not. These early life lessons are what help support the development of young people in preparing for adulthood and the different challenges life will throw at them.

Scooter riding is having a positive impact worldwide. The scooter community continues to grow and it is clear to see how scooter riding is becoming a gateway into sport for potentially millions of young people.

Scooter riding builds confidence

Mini Max being filmed for a scooter documentary. Being presented gifts courtesy of ISF sponsors Chilli Pro Scooters and Skate Pro


The International Scooter Federation recognise that scooter riding builds confidence in young people, as well as provides them with many other positive values. The ISF plays a vital role in providing opportunities for young people worldwide in learning new skills, be socially included and living healthy active lifestyles.

Please contact the ISF if you can help support the sport and riders.

Mini Max being presented a scooter courtesy of ISF sponsor Madd Gear Pro Scooters.

The European Scooter Championships were sponsored by

scooter riding builds confidence