Scooter big air is where the riders perform tricks after launching off large ramps. It is an extreme version of a slope style jump where riders can get huge air and perform massive complex tricks. The aim is to get some big air and distance, doing a big trick or combo of tricks, all while securing a clean landing. Big Air has proven to be extremely popular among pro and experienced riders. For safety reasons it’s certainly not for beginners.

X-Games do big air events for BMX. However, Nitro Circus have been supporting scooter riders by providing them the platform to compete on. Some skateparks have mega ramps such as Woodward and Clairemont Skatepark in the US. Riders like, Ryan Williams and Richard Zelinka have even created there own mega ramps.

Big Air maybe for the brave and therefore has limited participation. However, it is one of the most exciting disciplines to watch and it’s no wonder the big shows attract huge crowds and TV coverage

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