If a rider feels they are being placed in danger or something is unsafe, then they should stop riding and are to report the matter to the organizer immediately.

A competition and/or riders may be removed from the ISF championship or have action taken against them for compromising safety.

  1. Riders must wear a fastened helmet (certified), appropriate shoes, clothing and have an undamaged scooter. The ISF has a strict “No helmet NO riding” policy.
  2. An appropriate first aider / medical staff must be onsite at all times.
  3. All accidents are recorded and reported to the ISF or national association.
  4. A rider is responsible for their health and can only ride if they are fit and well. Any rider that is coming back from a known injury may be asked by the organizer to produce a doctor’s note proving they are medically fit to compete.
  5. All riders must be aware and understand the skatepark rules and safety measures.
  6. The organizer must do a risk assessment or ensure the skatepark has one.
  7. It’s the competition organizers responsibility to have initiatives for continuous safety improvements, adding additional measures where appropriate and ensuring safety is never compromised.
  8. The competition organizer will conform to the safety standards of the skatepark or venue, and that of any national law.
  9. If a rider feels they are being placed in danger then they should not ride and are to report the matter to the organizer. The ISF is not a competition organizer and therefore it’s the competition organizers responsibility to be reactive to any concerns towards a rider’s safety.
  10. Riders are never to ride beyond their limitation. If an organizer or an ISF official feels a rider is not pro level they should be removed from the competition.
  11. Riders are to abide the ISF rules and ride on good condition, non-faulty stunt scooter.
  12. Riders are to complete a competition waiver release form stating they understand the rules, code of conduct and dangers of competing.
  13. A competition organizer will not tolerate abusive, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour from anyone.