Park riding is the most popular and well developed scooter discipline within the sport. A skatepark is the safest environment for all riders to experiment with tricks, progress and develop their style. Furthermore, it is also a great place for new riders to get involved in the sport as most skateparks provide beginner lessons to help give young riders some experience and safety knowledge before going solo.

Competitions are a massive part of park riding too. There are competitions happening around the world in any country that has a skatepark. Small local events to national and international level competitions, even large action sport events have also accepted scooter riders.

There is an official ISF World Scooter Championship, which coordinates skatepark competitions and NGB’s around the world and provides a qualification system for riders to compete against each other to reach the world scooter finals.


Discover how to get involved in scooter riding? Learn how to ride safely and understand skatepark etiquette? Discover your local scooter friendly skatepark.