You are responsible for your safety. If you feel unsafe then you must stop riding and report the issue to a member of staff. Only continue riding if and when you feel safe to do so!

  • Always wear a helmet and protective gear
  • Be aware of your surroundings and of other riders
  • Don’t snake – wait your turn
  • Look before you drop in or before you start your run
  • Don’t loiter and keep out the way of others when not riding
  • Take your time to understand the park and dangers
  • Know your limits and don’t be reckless
  • Pay attention to the competition and skatepark rules
  • Respect other riders and be polite
  • Ensure your scooter is in a ridable condition
  • Report any issues or dangers to a member of staff
  • Keep hydrated and take regular breaks
  • Help new or uneducated riders understand the rules
  • Have fun and be safe

The ISF recommends that all beginner riders have a lesson at a skatepark before going solo. Discover scooter coaching at Let’s Go Scoot


Discover how to get involved in scooter riding? Learn how to ride safely and understand skatepark etiquette? Discover your local scooter friendly skatepark.