World Scooter Championship Finals 2022 Announced

The International Scooter Federation (ISF) has confirmed that for 2022, the official ISF world scooter championship finals will be hosted at Tinnell Memorial Sports Park, Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA on Oct 14 – 16th. The championships will be contested by the world’s best scooter riders, as determined by the ISF global championships.

Additionally, the ISF confirms that a series of global events and recognized national championships will provide further opportunities for riders to qualify.

This is the 10th year anniversary of the world scooter championships and we are thrilled to be celebrating this incredible milestone. The scooter championships have been fundamental in the global growth and legitimacy of the sport. The world stage unites the scooter community and provides a world stage for riders to showcase scooter riding to the world, uniting the sport and inspiring the future generations.

Working closely with NGB’s, committees and partners, the world scooter championships are to support all scooter disciplines, such as Park, Street, Flatland, and possibly Dirt and Big Air too. The event will have something for all levels of rider, from entry level ‘have a go sessions’ to official championships finals for Junior, Pro Male and Pro Male categories.

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