The newly formed International Scooter Federation (ISF), which transitioned from the ISA on the 5th August 2021 has been working relentlessly behind the scenes to help support the riders and sport.

Faced with significant challenges caused by Covid, the ISF has successfully hosted the European Scooter Championships at Urban Street Zone, Denmark, and the North American Scooter Championships are happening on the 30th / 31st October at Premises Park, USA. All within the federations first 3 months.

This would not have been possible without the support and involvement of many riders, individuals, organizations and businesses aligned in doing everything possible to keep pushing forward.

However, the challenges caused by Covid have made it extremely difficult. It was not possible to host an Australasian Championship Qualifier and many riders around the world are unable to travel due to travel restrictions. A world final without Australasian riders and many other riders from around the world simply would not be the same.

It has also caused challenges for the ISF and partners to confirm and fully announce details of the world scooter championships.

As we get closer to the world scooter championship final dates, the threat of covid is once again on the rise in many countries. This causes great concern for the welfare of our community, as well as casts concern over whether new travel restrictions would cause the event to be cancelled. Additionally, the feedback from the scooter community is of the uncertainty of travel and the escalating costs of travelling being a worry right now.

Therefore, the ISF will react to the challenges ahead whilst ensuring the federation does everything possible to keep pushing the sport and supporting the riders through these turbulent times.

The ISF would like to announce the following changes:

  • The world scooter championship finals will be pushed back from December to next year, with the season running into mid/late 2022.
  • The ISF will now look to include the Australasian Scooter Championships and also include an Asian and South American championship.
  • To bring forward plans to recognise national scooter championships within the qualification structure.
  • To bring forward plans to unite skateparks and action sport events worldwide via an international league and ranking supporting grassroots to pro level.

Regarding the World Championship Finals, we can advise that:

  • The world final will be hosted in Denmark in 2022.
  • The event is to have custom built scooter parks and some awesome featured ramps.
  • It will support park, street and flatland championships.
  • Have demo zones for those new to the sport and seminars to provide training to NGB judges and coaches.
  • The championship will support juniors, pro male and pro female riders.
  • Will be broadcast to a mainstream audience via our newly formed partnerships.

We are positive that this announcement will be welcomed by the scooter community and that our reasons for having to adapt are clearly understood. It is important that the sports world scooter championships ensure maximum output across the globe in helping develop the sport and encouraging new riders into it.

The ISF will focus on building its team, committees, infrastructure and partnerships to ensure that the federation can work together on delivering a world class championship that the sport can proudly call its own. From the design of the scooter parks to developing the standards for all scooter disciplines.

Please note: Those that have qualified from the European championships have secured a place in the world scooter championships, and those that qualify from the North American championship next week will also qualify.

We thank the scooter community for its continued support and look forward to many exciting years ahead.